View and respond to requests on an HTTP endpoint

Endpoints is a developer tool that allows you to view and respond to requests on an HTTP endpoint.

Abid Aboobaker
Brian Sanchez
Ferruccio Balestreri
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  • Emmanuel Lodovice
    Emmanuel LodoviceWeb Developer

    It is free to use and it is good for having mock endpoints.


    Cannot specify the url endpoint. Its always randomly generated.

    This is an awesome application for developments specially those client side developers who wants to test their stuff while the backend guys are still building their stuff.

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@arnellebalane how would you explain what endpoints does to a non-technical person? 🤔
@arnellebalane @amrith "increase your developers productivity" 😛
@arnellebalane @amrith endpoints allow you to create a new url and customize the response, by response I mean the whole response. Its not like websites such us putco.de where you can just paste some text and you will get a url that you can use to access that text later. Endpoints allow you to customize the entire HTTP response. This means that you can set the status code, http headers, and the response body. Sorry it that's too technical, but endpoints is really about the HTTP Response as a whole.
Any plans to include the acceptance of parameters and some form of basic logic processing? I can definitely see myself using this for mock-ups and whenever my backend is not ready. That said, having some form of parameters input will make it even more insanely powerful and useful.
@swiftpolar we're thinking of adding support for templating (e.g. mustache)