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Connect with friends, share the things you love, and see what your trusted friends recommend just for you. Easily curate the perfect content center for you and your friends and discover new content based on your interests.
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Hey Product Hunters! First of all, thank you so much to @nickabouzeid for hunting our product. I’m one of the makers of Endorse and am super excited about launching! I just graduated college, and I wanted an easy and fun way to keep up with all the cool things my friends come across, from articles and podcasts to restaurants and hikes. We wanted to make it easy to send endorsements to your friends, see what they recommend specifically for you, and catch all their latest endorsements and collections by checking out their profiles. Endorse is better than just texting or messaging because you can easily save your favorite things to your very own collections so they don’t get lost, and you can collaborate on shared collections with your friends. We’re still perfecting the product and would love to hear your feedback on how we can help you and your friends curate the perfect content center for yourselves. For now Endorse is Invite Only, so use the 6 character code: prhunt You'll also be able to invite your friends using this same code. This code is only valid for the first 1000 users, so move quickly! Thanks so much! Payton
Love this!! Excited to use it :)
Del DavaasambuuFounder & CEO at Coinseed.co
Really cool idea.
@del_davaa Thanks! Hop on the app and let us know if you have any suggestions or feature requests after you've spent some time using it.
Brad Brooks
Graphic Designer, Grafica by the Sea
I've just joined, and I'll give the tyres a good kick a little later :)
Thanks @ninthart ! Excited to hear what you think.
Adith Victor
I build things that I wish existed
Is an android app in the pipeline?
@adithvictor Yes! We are currently working on an Android version.