Personalized sounds to help you focus and relax


Endel creates adaptive sound environments to give mind and body what it needs to achieve total immersion in any task.

Endel has 4 modes: Relax / Focus / On-the-Go / Sleep.

The core algorithm is based on circadian rhythms, pentatonic scale and sound masking. The sounds adapt to different inputs like time of day, weather, heart rate, and location.

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14 Reviews5.0/5

Felt in love with design and illustrations. Love the sounds compilations!


I usually use it as timer in pomodoro technique — 25 min focused mode and 5 of relaxed one.


Sorry I cannot use it with training apps — waiting for the future integrations.

Wow, thank you very much, Kari! We're actually working on some additional Pomodoro features. How would you like to see us integrating with the training apps?

Amazing sound flow. It helps me to stay calm and relaxed in the plane trips and focus on reading.


My favourite app in the plane


Waiting for car mode

I like the design und the user interface. Smooth sound experience for my working hours!


Great UX / UI, variable sound environment


On the Go mode while driving is too relaxing ))

I've been beta testing this for a while now, around 6+ months. If I need to focus, this is my goto app. You open it, press the "F" icon, and zone into your work. Or if I need to powernap, I pop the sleep mode on and it lulls me to sleep really fast.

The relax mode is also quite soothing. I sometimes pop the relax mode on at home while doing housework.

I highly suggest trying this out.


Simple & gorgeous. Not only focus, but also has relax and sleep modes.


Sometimes I want the focus music to be a tad faster?

this thing really help you to deal with silence with no distraction


Great product, outstanding design


Waiting line for Android users

I work in an open office. While it's good for quick collaboration, often, I just need to silent the noise and focus. I used Spotify earlier and was happy with it because it has playlists like "Brain Food" which has no words and only music. Endel is similar to this playlist but somehow it is more peaceful and gets out of the way by itself becoming lost. I don't know what it is playing and I need to do nothing about it, just let it play.