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Hello Product Hunt! Emvi is our approach to a easy-to-use knowledge base for companies and teams of all sizes and we finally reached public beta. You can use it to write down everything you need to remember, share or document and make it discoverable for everyone else in your organization. We found that existing tools structure content in a tree-like hierarchy which tends to limit internal reach and scalability. For Emvi, we implemented a system that is closer to sites like Wikipedia, Medium or even YouTube - articles are linked internally, curated to lists and grouped by tags. Our goal is to make it accessible for both technical and non-technical users and to keep the content maintainable for the long term. Features we already include: * Powerful search with filters and sorting options * Activity feed and notifications * WYSIWYG-editor with real-time collaboration * @-mention any element (articles, lists, tags, users or groups) * Full article change history * Fine-grained rights management for users and groups on a per article basis * Mobile support * English and German UI * Multiple translations for articles and list titles Over the next few months we are planning to add comments, integrations, embeds, import/export and markdown support. We already have an API which can pull articles from Emvi, visit our blog to see it in action. Shortly after leaving beta state, we will offer a self-hosted version aswell. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments. Cheers, Daniel
@danielschramm I love this idea! I have a product I am building that I think will help this scale. Is there someone I can talk to about this some more?
Really like the idea and the project! Knowledge sharing was always a problem in a team. UI is really clean and fresh, the moment I logged in it I got a feeling that I want to stay there for a longer time. - What frameworks have you used on front-end side? - Have you used some UI library? And what do you use for styling? - How many people worked on front-end? - Have you used graphql? You guys doing really good, will follow you from now on :) Good luck! Oleg
@oleg_rjumin Thank you Oleg for you kind words :) Our team consists of two people, we both work on the frontend, but most of the design and UX was done by Daniel. We use VueJs for the most part and server side rendering (using Golang templates) for performance critical parts (like the landing page for example). Figma is used for design concepts and Sass for styling. We haven't used GraphQL. If you would like to know more, we will publish an article about our tech stack and how we've developed Emvi on our blog and Medium :)
@kugel Please do. Would be glad to know more :)
@oleg_rjumin I almost forgot, you can take a look at our stackshare page for a list of tools and frameworks we use right know: https://stackshare.io/emvi/emvi
@kugel Thanks! Will check it out
Fast and easy.
looks quite nice :) two questions popped up in my mind: - are the tags organized as a taxonomy? - what WYSIWYG editor did you used? Keep going, Oliver
@oliver_wolf Hi Oliver, thanks for asking! Tags do not have any hierarchy and we build our editor on top of the ProseMirror framework. Best, Daniel