What is frustration, curiosity or trust?

Most of us know the meaning of the words, but couldn't easily articulate what these emotions are, and this app aims to help you improve your emotional intelligence (EQ) by providing simple definitions for each emotion and giving you an overview of what emotions are and how they work.

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Hey @wearehyperion, Can you tell us more about what you've built here?
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@jacqvon Sure thing. While a lot of people are talking about the importance of emotional intelligence, there's not a lot of tangible info about improving it, so some 2 years ago a friend of mine (Psychology MA), and I (generally curious person with an interest in psychology) set out to do some research into what emotions are and how each would be defined. If we were to ask someone what frustration or curiosity are for example, they'd know, but they'd have a hard time putting it into words or putting their finger on it. So what we realised was that a concise definition for each emotion would go a long way towards helping people 1. identify exactly what they are feeling and why, and 2. have more control over their emotions. We found it really useful since. We started doing this for our own understanding but once we had all the definitions, we thought we'd share them in case someone else finds them useful. The app is free so we just hope it helps others too.
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It looks like the app simply fetches Wikipedia definitions of some known emotions. Anger, lust, confidence... I would expect a more 'scientific' approach I would say
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@mrdokumcu Hey Mert, the definitions are based on info from Wikipedia, the APA dictionary of psychology and several other sources for specific emotions (such as the Psychology of Curiosity, Distinguishing the experiences of envy and jealousy, Charles R Snyder the psychology of hope, etc.), but they are written by myself and a psychology MA. What we wanted was to create a concise definition for each emotion based on the reading we did to help us better identify and manage our own emotions. The app covers all documented emotions + an overview of what emotions are and how they work in general. Now, I agree it's not the most scientific approach, and it's not what we aimed for - the app's value comes from having summaries of information that's otherwise available to anyone and we didn't create anything new. I'd love it if you spent some time reading some of the definitions and seeing if they make sense and if you think they don't or could have been done better, we're more than welcome to feedback.
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I think it’s pretty useful that you have collected all of this into one place. It could be really useful for anyone who works with traumatised individuals, who often have difficulty identifying emotions. I’ve often thought an emotional dictionary would be handy. Looks like that’s what you’re building. Nice one!
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Thanks @julieaflynn, I’m glad to see others think this could be useful. We have a web version built about 1 year before here, since this is iOS only: http://www.emotions-dictionary.com/

It's an interesting concept.


I like the idea and the execution


Nothing so far

The definitions are nice to have available, but it's not much more than a website.