Turn your text messages into emojis, automatically

#3 Product of the DayAugust 09, 2014
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Yes, I know. I'm hunting more emoji products. The app is designed well; however, it seems to crash when entering a long message. But when it works, it's pretty slick. Free idea for those bored this weekend: translate every product tagline on Product Hunt into emoji speak.
@rrhoover It kept crashing before I got to use it.
@TylerH Sorry it πŸ’₯ on ya 😳 We're πŸ”¨ a bunch of 🐞 this weekend! Btw add me if you'd wanna play around with its functions. I'm "allan:
Thanks y'all for the add on Product Hunt :) If you'd like someone to chat with to play around with the app, please feel free to add my friend Sam or me. I'm "allan", and Sam is "sam".
Unlike @ryanhoover, I stay away from the Emoji apps - normally. This one is so simplistic, it's fun. The app is well designed and simple (even a caveman could use it). Well done @Allan & Sam.
@ryannegri Thank you Ryan!
Emojis are very interesting platform http://www.google.com/trends/exp...
Any plans to offer this on Android, @derpianist16? You could make it even easier to send emoji-powered messages via SMS, directly from the app. I haven't caught up on the changes offered in iOS8 but there may be some interesting opportunities there as well.
Yep @rrhoover! We are definitely gonna give πŸ’©πŸ’– to the Android users out there, and directly integrate into SMS from the app. Also, hopefully iOS 8 will allow for easier way to ride the iMessage system too.