The emoji-only network (pre-launch)

#3 Product of the DayJune 30, 2014
Emojili is now available in the App Store. 👍
@rrhoover Use this to help you find other users by the correct emoji http://emoji.muan.co/
I tried a lot of emojis and it says they are already taken. Not sure how to find one that isn't used. It would be nice if the site actually lists shows the taken emojis somewhere so we don't play the guess game.
They just passed 10,000 usernames reserved! https://twitter.com/Emojli/statu...
@azilnik AAAAAA!!! 😂😂 I got 👽👍
Normally I don't hunt pre-launch products unless they're especially interesting and this one is. I pre-registered my your emoji username (😎) already.