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Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · designer, writer.
Hey all! So the backstory here is that Jason and I started and finished this product in a single day (yesterday)! We wanted to see if we could start with an idea, and then plan out and create the whole thing before the end of the day, and we did! This product won't double your revenue or 10x your audience, but it's a fun, silly, hilarious daily email in your inbox that hopefully brings a smile to your face. Enjoy!
John Beeler@johnthebeeler · Dawdler, Life
Smiles are golden. I'm in.
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · designer, writer.
@johnthebeeler Thank you sir!
Neal Samudre@nealsamudre · Creator of Essential Hustle
We need more people doing fun and silly projects like this!
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · designer, writer.
@nealsamudre Completely agree :-D
Jayca Pike@jayca416 · Marketing Director @ Breezy HR
SInce they're mad fun to get … How much fun are these to make?!?!!! 😄
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · designer, writer.
@jayca416 They're actually kind of addicting, by 9pm last night i was totally wiped... but couldn't stop writing more, haha.
Jayca Pike@jayca416 · Marketing Director @ Breezy HR
@pjrvs 😂
DerekMartin@derekmartin · Chief conductor @ Tuba
Fun ! Great content on the product creation, its interesting having an inside look into how/why etc.
Paul JarvisMaker@pjrvs · designer, writer.
@derekmartin Thanks!
Jason ZookMaker@jasondoesstuff · I do weird things on the Internet.
@derekmartin I think showing the inside look probably took longer than creating Emojibombs itself 😂