Emoji Reaction Project

Activist tool. Turn Facebook Reactions into social action.

The Emoji Reaction Project is an activist Chrome Extension. React to a social issue on Facebook with the Sad or Angry emoji and you'll be given relevant ways you can DONATE to a vetted charity, DO an action like a march or educational talk or DIAL your local representative. Let's use Facebook for social good rather than helpless reactions.

Belén Márquez
Daniel de Segovia Gross
  • Daniel de Segovia Gross
    Daniel de Segovia GrossFounder, Hubrix. APIs, human stuff too.

    Its utter simplicity


    Chrome only

    No mechanism to share the resources / org's / action in FB

    A fine first effort

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Hi, everybody! We're beyond excited to finally launch our extension. After the Pulse shootings last year, friends of mine and I were inspired to make a tool that could help people turn their helpless Emoji Reactions into helpful social actions and bring about positive change. When you react with a sad or angry emoji on Facebook, the extension gives you vetted and relevant charities (via Charity Navigator) you can donate to, protests and events you can go to (via Resistance Calendar) and numbers for your representatives. Please take a look, use the tool, and tell everybody about it. Thank you!