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Hello all! My friend, Adam Putinski, and I wanted to build a super simple polling app for iMessage. We challenged ourselves to make sending a poll just as easy as sending any other text message. To create a poll, you can use emoji or text. You can also add a location or website to each option in your poll. We spent time trying to streamline the flow so it is super fast to create, send, and vote. For example, type "Tacos!" and we auto-pick the taco emoji. Or add the location of a nearby "Chipotle" and we will auto-pick the text, URL, and emoji! Bonus: You can create a "secret poll" to allow participants to vote anonymously. Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions. We are excited to keep adding useful features!
Love this idea. Not sure how the iMessage API works but are you guys looking into tracking the categories of polls users are sharing? That data could help you personalize the UX and will also tell you a good amount about your use case
@monst3rtruck Good idea Andrew. We actually are pushing an update tomorrow that will include "Popular" polls. For example we will have pre-made polls like: πŸ‘ Going, πŸ––Maybe or πŸ‘Ž Can't go, 🏠Eat in or 🍾 Go out...πŸ’€ Donald Trump or πŸ’°Hillary Clinton ;) We could also get even smarter with the polls based on your location. For example, auto-create a poll with near by restaurant options.
@cjreynoldsflatt really smart! Super excited to see where you guys go with this. One more thought: Not sure if this is possible, but have you guys thought about allowing people to vote in the viewer without opening another screen. I imagine a UX closer to Twitters polls. Would save a step for the user.
@monst3rtruck @cjreynoldsflatt This is a great suggestion, unfortunately, the iMessage API is pretty restricted right now. When you tap on a message bubble created by an app, it forces you to open the expanded view.
@adamputinski figured! Hopefully they iterate on that quickly! So many awesome usecases for iMessage apps waiting to be discovered
God yes. @Tinder should acquire you asap - make them cutie pie emoji convos actionable. πŸ•? 🍸? πŸ’ƒ? @cjreynoldsflatt
Very cool! 😎
Emoji polls is where it's at! πŸ˜‰