Emma by Bunch.ai

Get to know anyone in just 1 click.


Emma is an AI-powered Chrome extension that tells you more about the person behind a LinkedIn profile.

With just one click, you’ll learn about a person’s mindset, motivations, and working style based on 100 different indicators in their profile.

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17 Reviews5.0/5

One of the major painpoints in recruiting is evaluating and filtering candidates. It is a major time suck and when you're a small company you don't have the resources to spend hours looking through resumes. Emma solves this in a very interesting intuitive way. The team has done a fantastic job in providing intelligent actionable analysis on candidates quickly.


Very Intuitive Interface Solves a major painpoint in evaluating candidates quickly Intelligent analysis, not just a data dump


Would love for it to work on more sites, angellist, hired etc.

Thanks for the review Shay. The team has put a lot of thought into not making just a 'data dump' as said. Appreciate that. Have you tried saving profile to lists and playing around with the analytics yet?

This approach has potential to make People and Culture managers to re-think about evaluating for culture-fit and culture-add.


- It is as easy as browsing a website - Able to walk the fine-line between being useful without being categorical or discriminating


- The technology would be more valuable on broader domains where written communication is more natural

@etunch thanks for the review! Is there a 'specific' broader domain that you have in mind? Don't forget to check out the lists and analytics!

Keep it up Bunch!


You get amazing insights in such a quick and hassle-free way! no need for assessments or any of that jazz, I just love the simplicity of it.


LinkedIn profile data is limited (especially on some profiles) - adding more data from other sources would be great

Huge thanks Sam!

I started to look into the assessment features of the product for culture management


In no time you can have tips on what to ask to people you want to recruit


no cons so far