Embolden the emboldened content over the internet.

Embolden the emboldened content over the internet.
EmboldenIt is a decentralized app running on the Blockstack platform.
It provides you a new way to highlight words on any web page. You can access your highlight content on the dashboard.
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Hello Product Hunt 👋 There are some types of apps that help you save content online: + Bookmark app. This type of app saves your list of URLs. Then, the user accesses the list later in a dashboard. Besides, these apps can recommend users related content base on user's data + The highlight text app. These app highlight many texts with a url. But you have to go to this URL again to view the highlights. + Note apps. These apps have a lot of 'fancy' features like synchronization, multiple users working on a note. So we decided to build a new and simple way to save highlights. It's inspired by the Medium highlight feature. It can be used on all websites by a browser extension. You just need to Select text -> Right click -> Embolden It with this extension. Besides, EmboldenIt is a truely decentralized app that runs on the Blockstack platform. You own your data. We form an opinion about making something less complex with blockchain so that users can adapt to the technology. When users are more familiar with DApps, these changes assist for blockchain platforms and blockchain developers and vice versa. They will build more DApps for end users. We hope that EmboldenIT can be your everyday highlight-taking app. Use it at: https://emboldenit.com/ Google Chrome Extension at: https://chrome.google.com/websto... We really welcome your feedback.  Thank you for reading! Enjoy emboldening! 😁
Oh, Useful extension. I can save my private info without worrying about leaking information out. So helpful
@nam_tr_n2 That's awesome guy !
@nguy_n_nguyen1 Sounds reasonable but very convincing :))))
Great!! It’s so helpful for my work.
@nguy_n_hien you can save code without worry about anything :)) LMAO
@nguy_n_hien @nam_tr_n2 thanks for dropping us feedbacks :D