oEmbed for any URL

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I could have used this a few months ago!
Happy to answer any questions you might have! EmbedKit is a developer tool to get more information about a URL. If you've ever used Slack or Facebok, and post a link, and it shows a preview, EmbedKit is a tool to help you do exactly that!
@snellingio why's the homepage messaging position the product as "a drop in replacement for Embed.ly" - is embedly shutting down or something?
@_jacksmith As far as I'm aware they are not. This is a more affordable & better solution in my opinion, and I want to make it very clear up front that it is not difficult to replace Embed.ly.
@snellingio ok. I just ask because it's a bit weird positioning imho to call out a direct competitor by name, saying you're a replacement, without specifying why. e.g. if you had a comparison chart or something showing you're cheaper/better = cool. but just saying you're a replacement indicates that other people already are using embedly and that limits your potential audience. just imo
@_jacksmith Thanks for that feedback! I will look into how I can make it more clear. The largest issue I've seen so far is that people don't know what oEmbed even is, but lots of people have at least heard of Embed.ly, so I thought it made sense to position myself right next to them. Edit: The copy on the homepage has been edited thanks to Jack's suggestions!
@snellingio true. I have no idea what oembed is. I've heard of embedly, but don't fully know good usecases for it etc. It depends what audience you're targetting