EmbedID by Trulioo

The simplest way to verify your customer's identity

Trulioo designed EmbedID with Makers like you in mind:
Auto form creation for any country: Collect the right data for identity verification
Access hundreds of global data sources
Snippet of code: Copy code. Add to site. Welcome verified customers
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Hello we're @delahuc @mkotsollaris and @marat_asadurian from Trulioo and the Makers of EmbedID. As any fellow maker in the tech world knows, identity verification is a crucial, and often required part of onboarding new customers to build trust, ensure safety, reduce fraud and risk, and meet regulatory requirements. But for something so important it can take a lot of time, resources and thought to build...taking you away from building features core to your product. This goes double if you’re bootstrapping and trying to get your business up and running as it may be time you don’t have! Or think of it this way: You receive great news—thousands of people have downloaded your app and created an account. But how do you know they didn’t use a fake identity to commit fraud or deceive someone? Lucky you— EmbedID makes it easy to verify people’s identities instantly. It’s a delightfully simple form builder that addresses your global identity verification needs. Set the data you need to collect, style to match your brand and then, with a small snippet of Javascript, embed it anywhere in your site. We'll take care of the rest (like instantly connecting you to hundreds of sources around the world). Freeing you up to do what you do best...create! And we’re ISO 27001 certified, so you know we’re serious. The best news—with EmbedID, you and your legit customers are protected from fraud, and your community is built on trust and safety.
[Disclaimer: I am an employee of Trulioo] The R&D team at Trulioo did an amazing job with GlobalGateway EmbedID. The speed of internet access and accessibility requires a framework of trust to safeguard businesses and consumers from bad actors, and we encourage everyone to test EmbedID to onboard verified users and share feedback on what works well and what doesn't. We strive to continuously improve as we build networks of trust online.
@thekimhong 👋 Hi Kim! Thanks there's a lot of other makers not on this page that have worked incredibly hard to get the product to this point so thanks for calling them out!
Amazing, good job!
@judy_ha Thanks Judy!
Exciting to see enterprise-grade identity verification made accessible to anyone!
This looks fantastic and very user-friendly! Pat on the back, team.
@sisi_zhou Thank you Sisi!
Congratulations on the launch, team! 🌟
@caitlin_porter1 Thanks very much, how the launching on PH feels:
@delahuc I can only imagine! Proud of you all 🚀