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Add the details of any Product Hunt "hunt" to your site

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Search for the product you want to display. You'll get a simple javascript snippet you can add to your site to show the details of that product's hunt.
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@erictwillis Thanks for posting this. Very excited to hear what people think!
@erictwillis @mubashariqbal You should definitely embed your embed hunt in your embed hunt website seeing as it is currently being hunted :)
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@erictwillis @mubashariqbal cool! but search doesn't work for me :( I want to embed for producthunt.com/posts/startup-stash let me know Mubashar!
@mubashariqbal @bramk Bram....It probably has a 1900 upvote count limit or something.. :)
I love Product Hunt stories πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ So here's a story! Tuesday or Wednesday of last week: @sleinadsanoj recommends that I figure out a way to embed the details from the product I'm interviewing on the Daily Hunt into the WP post. I'm totally on board, but I can't build it myself. @sleinadsanoj says he might be able to help in a couple weeks. Sweet! Thursday of last week: I have breakfast at S-Bucks with @dylanfeltus and he says he'd be willing to help with the design and maybe the backend of the project. Excellent! Still this is just for the Daily Hunt website. Monday of THIS WEEK I interview @mubashariqbal on the Daily Hunt (https://dailyhunt.co/interviewed/) then off air we chat about this possible integration between https://dailyhunt.co/ and Product Hunt. He sounds open to the idea, so I connect him with @dylanfeltus, who shares what CSS he has thus far. A few days later and after a couple iterations (Slack convos) later @mubashariqbal shows up with a web app that allows ANYONE to embed their own PH listing anywhere they want. Then @erictwillis decides to hunt it today! So here we are and I haven't even had the time to put the embed code on the Daily Hunt site yet. :) Love it! First product (that I'm aware of) to come out of the http://makerhunt.co/ community. Nicely done @mubashariqbal πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž In the words of @sleinadsanoj and Taylor Swift - "Makers gonna make make make make make..." 🎢
@sleinadsanoj @dylanfeltus @erictwillis @joshmuccio Thanks for sharing! Very happy to be a part of the story and the community.
@dylanfeltus @mubashariqbal @erictwillis @joshmuccio Great, now T.Swift is gonna sue me, isn't she? :-/ Great write up, Josh. :)
@sleinadsanoj @dylanfeltus @mubashariqbal @erictwillis @joshmuccio Someone invite Taylor to PH. She can release her next albumn on @rrhoover 's Meerkat channel.
Great idea. Very logical
@_jacksmith I don't mean to be an a-hole, but how is something "very" logical? It either is or it isn't.
Great idea, nicely executed. The only thing that's missing is the possibility to login /w PH & upvote from within the widget. (Though I know that is due to the fact you don't have write access to the API. @rrhover & team, this might be one of those apps where you could think about making an exception?) ;) )
@rrhover @sleinadsanoj Thanks Jonas, would love that, definitely something that would add a lot of value!
@rrhover @sleinadsanoj Product Hunt upvote(like) button? Nice :)
Super excited for this. I was going to email @rrhoover with the idea. Now he can focus on his #meerkat channel. haha
@rrhoover @mjmcclain haha. I did think should probably be something that came from Product Hunt itself, but I see the team are very busy doing other amazing things. Figured I'd help plug the gap for a while.
@rrhoover @mjmcclain @andreasklinger Thanks Andreas! Makes me very to hear that.