Email Verification in Google Sheets v2

Verify up to 230K email addresses directly in Google Sheets

#1 Product of the DayMarch 21, 2020
For your email list containing up to 230K email addresses, get them bulk validated at once directly in Google Sheets within 30 minutes. A free account provides you with 50 free verification credits (+100 credits after registration).
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3 Reviews5.0/5
What service does it use to verify the emails?
@adam_nicoloff we use our own backend
This looks pretty cool, how does it work?
@zlwaterfield it works pretty simple: the add-on takes email addresses from Google Sheet and verifies it through API, then paste the status in the second column.
@druh_opryshok But how are you verifying the emails?
Really cool feature! Keep it up.
@pryds thanks, appreciate your support.
Awesome! Excited to try it.
@alexander_volgin I hope to get your feedback after that!
Wow! Great job @druh_opryshok! I have been in that situation where I need to validate emails and it was horrible, so I'd check it carrefully. Also, do you validate any kind of domain?
@alejandro_portillo_guerrero thanks! The service validates email addresses only.
@druh_opryshok For sure, I meant any email domains: gmail, yahoo, etc etc
@alejandro_portillo_guerrero I'm sorry, now I got it. No limitations with domains.