Email Templates For Freelancers

Well-crafted messages to improve your business

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✨ Kai Davis ✨
✨ Kai Davis ✨@kaisdavis · Kai
If you spend a lot of time writing emails, Kurt's "Email Templates for Freelancers" will help you better manage your client relationships, push back on scope creep, and build a better consulting business. It's an amazing resource for any freelancer or consultant. I love it.
Travis Northcutt
Travis Northcutt@tnorthcutt · Partner, Member Up
@kaisdavis +1. Kurt knows how to write emails that get shit done, full stop.
Jane Portman
Jane Portman@uibreakfast · Founder @uibreakfast, @Userlistio
@kaisdavis +1, absolutely!
Casey@callmecasey · Boss lady, Kiss Automation
I have used a number of these templates (modified to my situation) and they worked a treat.
Jonathan Kennedy
Jonathan Kennedy@jonnywired · Founder,
We bought this to handle our incoming email inquiries at It has allowed us to fast track our email processing and quickly learn best practices, which our entire team now uses. Kurt clearly runs a tight ship and this was our chance to tap into his experience. Highly recommended.
Miranda Right
Miranda Right@miranda_right
They really look awesome! I'll definitely give them a try! I've recently discovered a great resource with email templates and already used one of them for my email campaign ( . In result, I got a few great feedbacks from my clients.