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A free email countdown timer for expiring offers

#2 Product of the DayAugust 03, 2019
These real-time countdown timers are a great way to increase urgency and clickthrough in your emails before an offer expires.
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Have you seen those GIF countdown timers in emails? What I find fascinating is that they refresh real-time whenever you load the page... It seemed like a fun challenge so I made a tool that can generate them!
@dotspencer some improvements can be made on the design, but overall it is an amazing tool. Really like it!
@dotspencer Neat little tool and nice to see a "fun challenge" shipped on Product Hunt. What kind of reasons do you see for people to use a countdown timer like this in their emails? Is it mostly ecommerce you think? Great name too, btw. Nice work!
Any plans to customize language? Really want to use it, but I need the gif in portuguese :/
@guilhermeocosta Same here for Spanish
I'd love to support other languages! @guilhermeocosta Would "dias, horas, min, seg" work for Portuguese? @jorgecerda Would "días, horas, min, seg" work for Spanish?
@dotspencer it would be perfect! Thanks for the attention! Great work!
@guilhermeocosta @jorgecerda Ok, Spanish and Portuguese language support has been added. All you need to do is add ?lang=pt or ?lang=es to the end of the image url and it should update accordingly :)
A great and simple way to have a countdown. I would like to recommend a few things to improve its visual: - Change the font for a better one (sans-serif, Roboto, open sans...) - Add more breathing space to the image around the numbers, padding (50px should be decent). - The space between the numbers, margin-right should the same and not different as we have at the moment.
@leonardo_mattar Thanks for the feedback! I've updated it to use Open Sans. I'll look into the spacing as well
Really fun and useful tool! Keep it up! @dotspencer