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Create your free email signature with our easy-to-use tool.

Build free, custom, branded email signatures for you and your team in a matter of minutes. HubSpot’s Email Signature Template Generator helps businesses look and feel more professional.
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Such a simple and intuitive way to create signatures! Another valuable tool from Hubspot 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thanks for your feedback and for checking out the tool!

Let's all quickly think about why a data driven company like hubspot would put out a free tool that has access to your emails....yeah...


Very simple to use. easy interface.


I tried it, and google bounced every single email I sent with it because "high likelyhood of spam". Removed it again, worked like a charm.

Hi Dom, Thanks for checking out the tool and for your feedback. Would you mind forwarding one of those emails to so we can look into this more? Thank you!
Thanks for checking out HubSpot's free Email Signature Template Generator. We wanted to build a tool that would help businesses look and feel professional on a channel where they frequently interact with customers and potential customers: email. The tool's app-based interface makes it easy to move quickly through the tool, creating an on-brand email signature in just a couple of minutes. We're excited to share this tool with the Product Hunt community and look forward to hearing your feedback.
Really cool! Easy to use too :)
@sandrogynous Thanks, Sandra! Happy to hear that you find the tool easy to use.

It would be great if we could save a company template as well


Easy to use, simple design


I miss the possibility to save the designs