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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 12, 2019
Looking for an amazing email signature that'll take you only seconds to create, and still explain exactly what you offer?
Free Email Signature Generator for Gmail lets you easily create an email signature that's sure to catch your email recipient's eye.️ ️
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Update: Thank you SO much for all your interest! After your feedback here, we now released email signatures for teams! You can now create your team's email signatures, and give specific team members access to specific signatures (sales signatures, customer support signatures, board member signatures). It's a huge win for owners who see their well-meaning, yet off-brand employees, properly representing your company in email. Video is below, and please note that while individual signatures are free, team signatures is a paid feature):
~~~ Hey Hunters! Our team here at cloudHQ just released a free email signature generator that's extremely easy to use, and helps you explain exactly what you offer with every email that you send. What makes us so different is our ecosystem of over 65 helpful email management tools. Because of that ecosystem, we're able to offer you an email signature that includes these unique features: ✅ Your company information ✅ An image like a logo, or a headshot ✅ A meeting calendar link ✅ A sales link to a big sale ✅ A link to a YouTube video, or a customized one created right inside the email signature generator ✅ A banner to wish your email recipients happy holidays ✅ A confidentiality clause ✅ A "save the planet" green quote ✅ An area for HTML if you want to include something of your very own All of this is highly customizable- where you can choose your font size, colors, and anything else you want to include in your email signature. Please give it a twirl and let me know what you think! ✌️
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sweet extension... the gmail default signature leaves a lot to be desired... thankfully this helps fill in that gap.. thanks cloudHQ!
@rohan_k Thanks, Rohan!
This extension will help you create really professional email signatures, there is no end to extra features you can use!
How is it different from other email signature generator !
@hammad_akbar Looks better compared to the others I've tried
Looks so professional! Love it!!
@iva_leon Awesome! Thank you so much! 🙏