Email Oops Blocker

Reminder to not reply all emails you were BCC'd on in Gmail.

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Too bad this wasn't created a few years ago. This used to be a bigger problem in companies I've worked at before Slack. 😊
@rrhoover I created it a little over a year ago, built a site for it, never got around to pushing it. A couple of years before I created it, a friend of mine recommended me for a job at Google. He emailed a VP there and BCC'd me. I sent back an email to thank him... not realizing I had hit "Reply All". Needless to say, it's a few years later and I am not the CEO of Google. (TBH, I did not have the right experience for Google back then, but it was still pretty, pretty embarrassing.)
Totally I forgot I made this until it just popped up when I forwarded an email I was BCC'd on. It's a Chrome Extension, works with Gmail, available on github here: I made it two years ago, I guess it still works. It pops up an alert if you hit Reply All or Forward on an email you were BCC'd on. Hope it saves you some embarrassment.