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Email Newsletter Checklist is a handy cheat-sheet of various tasks to help marketers send out newsletter or a promotional mailer to their customers. It is a list of actionable items you have to check before you hit the send button. Your readers will appreciate this :)

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Fırat Demirel
Ahmed Muzammil
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  • Rami M. Amin
    Rami M. AminNot a Growth Hacker

    Clear Kanban Checklist with all needed elements



    I think this is a simple, clear way to get an overall idea of what to consider before sending your newsletter. MailSwift is adding value to email marketers in many ways, and this addition is one of those.

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  • Pros: 

    Very handy checklist for someone like me who sends out number of emails every day.


    Nothing in particular

    I find it very useful whenever I have to run any email marketing campaign. It's been more than 2 weeks now and I am quite happy with overall experience.

    Vivek Choksi has used this product for one week.
  • Ahmed Muzammil
    Ahmed MuzammilConversion & Growth Maximizer

    Comprehensive Checklist


    A PDF Download isn't available nor a memorable easy to access url

    you could've bought a domain or something like that for easy access and remembrance. You still can do that ...

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  • Marina  Bondar
    Marina BondarMarketing, UI/UX, AI

    nothing superfluous, minimalistic design


    minuses are not seen

    Good, guys. I really like it, so useful in work when I have a lot of tasks!

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