Email lists aren't sexy. They are like the tighty whities or the shapewear of the undergarment world: functional, but not the life of the party. Let's put the fun in functional! Email Lists Made Easy for Writers and Bloggers is the missing piece to get your list on lock. Far from a boring read on "email marketing," it will speak in terms that writers and bloggers understand. You'll find what works for entrepreneurs translated into what can work for you as a writer or blogger. With a side of saucy humor to keep you engaged as you go. Get specific training on how to create and grow an effective list, from that very first signup form to more advanced tools like autoresponders series. With a free workbook you can download upon purchase, this book will be more than just ideas. It will be a practical guide that will help you learn to love (and get the most from) your email list. Chapters Include: Finding Your Why Choosing an Email Service Provider Optimizing Your Signup Forms Onboarding Creating Content Upping Engagement Implementing Growth Strategies Creating Freebies and Content Upgrades Keeping Your List Clean Planning Autoresponders Plus, you'll also get a glossary of terms you need to know and a section with the most frequently asked questions about email lists. The accompanying workbook also includes a checklist for setting up your list so that you won't miss an important piece. Let your email list work for you. Starting...NOW.