Email List Cleaner by MailSwift

Clean email lists right in your browser for free


Email List Cleaner lets users clean email lists right from their browser. The list cleaner weeds out duplicates, detects emails with invalid TLDs, identifies emails that doesn't conform to valid syntax, and finally checks for high risk domains. It enables users to save the original email list with detailed diagnostic style comments.

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CEO Shake, ex-Google & Spotify

I've been using this to clean my email lists for a while, and it works great. It has reduced my bounces significantly and I love that it runs in the browser. In the privacy age it's great to know that I can control my own data locally.


Very easy, great results, runs 100% in browser


Not entirely sure how it scales - haven't tried any lists with 10k+ records


I am going to use this for filtering duplicate emails. It is a major problem I face and every week that consumes a lot of time. Email list cleaner should save some time now.


Very easy way to organize your emails. Interface is quite simple.


Nothing in particular

Just google : Nitesh Manav

Love it for obvious reason. It does precisely what it says. Thank you Makers.


Valuable and free