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Anyone know how this compares to @CarlSednaoui's MailCharts?
@rrhoover was going to ask this
Was also going to ask this!
@rrhoover Thanks for the ping Ryan :) At their core, both services are somewhat similar (Tom and I actually connected with Chuck from Email Insights a few weeks back). My guess is that you're looking for some key differentiators, so here's a few: - Mobile insights and email preview (a big one for any ecommerce company) - Day-of-week email send time analysis - Pinterest-like view of emails (super useful for any creative team) - Industry-level insights: Email Insights also has some cool differences, such as showing the longest subject lines and shortest ones. They also have a word cloud. I would encourage ProductHunt users to sign up for both (Email Insights has a free 30-day trial and MailCharts has a 30-day money-back-guarantee, no questions asked) and see what service they prefer. I'm confident that most will prefer MailChart's insights, fluidity and design... but then again, I'm a bit biased ;)
Have used this before. It's amazing to see the # of emails from the # companies that are in here. Very impressive.
anyone have any ethical qualms with this? am i crazy for even asking the q?
@eriktorenberg I don't think it's ethically concerning to look at publicly available emails that any customer could see by signing up for a newsletter. However, I'd argue that particularly for startups chasing after competitors and copying other people is just a crappy way to run your business. You'd be better off ignoring the competition and trying to build your own vision, which should also be something people actually want.
@mikehorn Really good point. I'd actually argue that this kind of thing is better used by small businesses... business owners who are just now leveraging email marketing to drive sales or increase retention. Maybe even marketing consultants doing market research (I know a few who service small brick and mortars who might find this really useful). I think startups are better served finding a unique voice and focusing on their product.
Hey there, I'm Chuck the founder of Email Insights. Let me know if I can help answer any questions.
@chuckblake Who's the target market?
@dshan - email marketers (3+ emails per week to larger lists) and agencies who handle email production for multiple companies.
@chuckblake how long have you been around? Was this inspired by MailCharts?
@chuckblake are you targetting agencies directly? From experience agency sales are totally different than normal b2b, would love to learn more.
@allnick I've been subscribing to newsletters to server Email Insights for over a year. The product has been live for several months. Email Insights was inspired independently from MailCharts.