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Erik Torenberg
@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
anyone have any ethical qualms with this? am i crazy for even asking the q?
Michael Horn
@mikehorn · founder, Craft Coffee
@eriktorenberg I don't think it's ethically concerning to look at publicly available emails that any customer could see by signing up for a newsletter. However, I'd argue that particularly for startups chasing after competitors and copying other people is just a crappy way to run your business. You'd be better off ignoring the competition and trying to build your own vision, which should also be something people actually want.
Derek Shanahan
@dshan · GM @ SuperRewards
@mikehorn Really good point. I'd actually argue that this kind of thing is better used by small businesses... business owners who are just now leveraging email marketing to drive sales or increase retention. Maybe even marketing consultants doing market research (I know a few who service small brick and mortars who might find this really useful). I think startups are better served finding a unique voice and focusing on their product.
Derek Skaletsky
@dskaletsky · Founder & CEO, @knowtifyio, @sherlock_SF