Comments on “Email Hunter
Mani Karthik@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
This is so going to be abused by the sales folks. Easy to use and lite-weight. Sweet!
Pieter Walraven@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie -
@manikarthik haha true, and by me too! No more creative 'name ""' Googling.
François Grante@fgrante · Products builder, founder of Hunter
@manikarthik Thanks Mani! Glad to see it will help!
Irving Torres@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer
@manikarthik @fgrante Great job. I think this is useful for all sorts of folks. Founders looking for exposure/ press, growth people trying to reach out to the right people for partnerships, bloggers looking to demo products for reviews, and more. Very useful and super slick.
Edwin Espinosa@edwinespinosa09 · Angularjobs
@fgrante @manikarthik I used it to get the email structure of the domain I needed to contact someone at (bypassing the catch-all email verification prob) very useful your a boss Francios
François Grante@fgrante · Products builder, founder of Hunter
@edwinespinosa09 Happy to help!
Joe Maristela@joemaristela ·
@manikarthik Abusers invariably get relegated to the spam folder/filter.
Darren Bounds@dbounds · CEO, Founder @ Breezy HR
@manikarthik been around for a while. Has something changed?