Email Google Spreadsheets

Send Google Sheets via email on a recurring schedule.

Automatically send Google Spreadsheet reports to email recipients on a recurring schedule in PDF, CSV or Excel format. For e.g., set up a cron job that emails the employee attendance sheet to your manager around 5 PM on the last Friday of every week.
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Incredibly useful tool. I can see it saving me a lot of time and missing timelines/schedules. Thanks Amit! <3
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Love this! What's are the security/privacy implications? Is it sending my data off-platform? I'm far from an engineer, but it seems to be giving third-party access rather than running locally?
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@natedesmond The add-on uses Google APIs to convert your sheets into PDF and sends the files as attachments using the Gmail API. It does not read, store, share or upload your data anywhere. The Google Sheets add-on is written in Google Apps Script. If you do not prefer a fancy GUI, you can manually run the code and create your own conversion engine with the add-on.
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@labnol That's amazing, thanks Amit! Appreciate you sharing the code approach. Also - thanks for everything you've been doing for years. I came across your site probably 10+ years ago now, and it's always had some of the best guides I've seen.
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@natedesmond thank you Nate!
Everything about this product is pros. No cons at all. Thank you @amit for creating such a amazing product.
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This looks great!
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If your work involves emailing the same spreadsheet to your colleagues and customers on a regular basis, the Email Spreadsheets add-on can save you a lot of time. The add-on lets you send spreadsheet reports to one or more recipients on a recurring schedule. For instance, you can setup a job that emails the employee attendance sheet to your manager around 5 PM on the last Friday of every week. Or you can set up a schedule that emails the sales performance dashboard to your team daily around 9 PM. The sheets can be sent as PDF, Excel or CSV files. You can email entire workbooks, specific sheets inside a workbook or a range of cells. A portion of any Google Sheet can also be embedded inline in an email message using the A1 notation. Download: Tutorial: Video Demo:
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