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#2 Product of the DayJune 02, 2018

ElioPay makes it easy to accept payments with credit cards 💳, PayPal and cryptocurrencies in the same integration. Create a payment form, share the page URL or add it to your website.


  • Pros: 

    Good looking, simple and straight forward API documentation. Seems very developer friendly.


    Haven't found any

    As a developer, dealing with payment integration is all about user friendliness for me. If the docs are good and the pricing is reasonable, it's a deal. This looks like something I would try out next time I want to enable crypto payments.

    Eric Khoury⛱ has never used this product.
  • Tanay MishraTheAutomationGuys.co

    AWESOME Support + Beautiful + Easy Product!


    PayBear.io's support isn't great

    Vincent is awesome! We discovered a bug together and he patched it and released a fix in under 1 hour - enabling me to take payments immediately! He truly empowers entrepreneurs

    Tanay Mishra has used this product for one week.


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Vincent LMaker@vincelwt · Indie hacker
Hi Product Hunt ✌️ I’m very happy to have my 2nd SaaS project ready and managed to ship it :) 🤔Problems - PayPal API sucks - But lot of people prefer to pay with PayPal - With cryptos getting popular, more and more want to pay with them - No way to accept all these options in one easy integration - No way to accept all these options without touching code 🛠Solution ElioPay make it easy to accept one-time payments, using Stripe (cards), PayPal and PayBear (cryptos). How it works: connect to Stripe/PayPal/PayBear and create a payment form (specify a price, a title, text, etc.. ). Then, either share the form’s url (no code needed) or add the form on your website with Elio.js. You can use it for anything from selling digital/physical goods to getting paid for services. Some features: - No backend needed - Payment forms are mobile-friendly - Automatically email the customer a receipt after a payment - Customise the form’s color - Add a quantity selector - API to check payments You can see successful payments in the dashboard, via the API or be notified with a web-hook. 🙃A little history With my app Harmony, I wanted to accept a maximum of payment options to boost revenues. I integrated with Stripe (a breeze) and PayPal (much less) to accept payments. Recently, more and more users requested that I accept crypto. After wasting a bunch of time on integrating PayPal and cryptos, I figured I probably wasn’t alone in this position. So at first I built this for Electron apps, and then expended it to anything. Feedback is welcome! PS: promo code PHLAUNCH will get you -40% on your first 6-months if you upgrade (usable 20 times) 😇
Jamie Gordon@jamie_ross
@vincelwt Looks great but i can see it does not support subscriptions for SAAS companies
Vincent LMaker@vincelwt · Indie hacker
@jamie_ross Thanks Jamie! Indeed, this is definitely planned (and I need it in my projects) ;) There is small challenge I need to figure out first, with cryptocurrencies and subscriptions.
Jamie Gordon@jamie_ross
@vincelwt that can be solved with a DAPP app on etherum
Vincent LMaker@vincelwt · Indie hacker
@jamie_ross Do you have a link to an example? I was more thinking to invoice by email the customer each month
Lui Kohl@luikohl · JUNIQE
@jamie_ross @vincelwt I'm not sure that this is so trivial, I believe that the REQ network, which are trying to solve crypto payments have abandoned their efforts to create crypto subscription payments, thought I admittedly don't follow it very closely.
Tudor Baidoc@baidoct · A Web & UI Designer
I've been waiting for something like this!
Vincent LMaker@vincelwt · Indie hacker
@baidoct Hope you'll like it :)
Dinuka Jayasuriya@dinuka_jayasuriya · CodingRadio 📻 ShipFast 🛳 TweetFast 🔥
Looks great! Will try this out for an upcoming product :)
Vincent LMaker@vincelwt · Indie hacker
@dinuka_jayasuriya Thank you, let me know if you have any question!
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
looks incredible dope🚬🚬
Vincent LMaker@vincelwt · Indie hacker
@dredurr Thank you 🙏
Isiah Hill@isiahhill
Nice work! Looking forward to trying this out!
Vincent LMaker@vincelwt · Indie hacker
@isiahhill Thank you! Hope you will like it :)