A slack bot to boost your team engagement and collaboration

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Elin empowers your teams for outstanding results!
Elin.ai helps to build mission-driven companies by measuring culture, sharing insights and coaching employees and managers on how to create a more positive, engaging and collaborative environment.
  • Joseph Fung
    Joseph FungCo-Founder & CEO @ Kiite

    The automatic data collection is key - love the idea of voice and text here


    None yet

    Any other data capture integrations planned?

    Joseph Fung has never used this product.
  • Josh Harcus ♖
    Josh Harcus ♖Bestselling Author of A Closing Culture

    Love this! Super easy to use. Very fast.


    Not sure how it works with Zoom yet... but that's not really a con. Just a lack of information on the website.

    The idea behind this app is brilliant. Love it.

    Josh Harcus ♖ has used this product for one day.
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Oksa Zavoyko
Oksa ZavoykoMakerPro@oksa_zavoyko · Founder Elin.ai
Thank you, Chris! Hello, Product Hunters 🎉 Oksa here, the CEO of Elin.ai - a tool created to build outstanding remote teams! Employees worldwide show record low levels of motivation - over 70% don’t feel engaged at work. Meanwhile, remote work becomes a reality with more and more professionals empowered to take a leap and be self-employed, freelance or work remotely. Remote work is here to stay making us one big global workforce and makes matching talent to the work easier worldwide, yet making leaders’ job of engaging and empowering their employees even more challenging! Elin.ai is here to change that! Elin analyses existing communication, asks employees questions via chatbot, shares insights and then coaches employees and managers on how to create a more positive, engaging and collaborative environment. Elin not only finds potential issues but also helps you solve existing and prevent future employee challenges. Elin will help your teams reach outstanding results with Engaged employees Increased collaboration within the company Healthy wellbeing to prevent burnouts Empowerment to own their engagement Inspiring leaders everyone wants to work with Positive work environment A little something for Product Hunters: Mention Product Hunt when you contact us for a unique discount. Contact us for a demo at http://elin.ai. I'll be happy to answer any questions, but most importantly - we need your feedback! We’d be happy to grab a quick virtual coffee with you and discuss how we can improve our product to serve remote teams better. Meanwhile… Enjoy meeting Elin! Thank you, Oksana Zavoyko, CEO, Elin.ai
Danie Lynch
Danie Lynch@tai_le · Highly effective management skills
Dasha Shigaeva
Dasha ShigaevaMaker@_usha_
@tai_le Thanks for your feedback!
Paul Shuteyev
Paul Shuteyev@paul_shuteyev · Founder/StartupRadius, CMO/PromoRepublic
What a great bot! Will try it for my marketing team, thanks :)
Oksa Zavoyko
Oksa ZavoykoMakerPro@oksa_zavoyko · Founder Elin.ai
@paul_shuteyev thanks! Talk to me for more perks after your 30 days free trial!
Evgeny Ganshin
Evgeny Ganshin@evgeny_ganshin
Hey, guys! Nice idea. What languages is your chatbot compatible with?
Oksa Zavoyko
Oksa ZavoykoMakerPro@oksa_zavoyko · Founder Elin.ai
@evgeny_ganshin Thanks. In Slack, Elin understands, provides advices, and replies in English. In regards to Zoom calls Elin is able to decode emotional state in 40 languages; try yours! Transcript feature in Zoom is available for English language only.
Aleksandr Volodarsky
Aleksandr Volodarsky@volodarik · CEO @ CodingNinjas
Great idea. Interesting to see this in a large organisation. Good luck.
Dasha Shigaeva
Dasha ShigaevaMaker@_usha_
@volodarik Thanks for the feedback! We are testing the product on middle-size companies by now, have 10 of those on board. But we have plans to build a version for the Enterprise in a few sprints so follow our updates!