Fast support for those touched by mental health issues,

Elevatr makes finding support easy and fast for those touched by mental health issues, like depression and anxiety. Elevatr is an active, real-time, mobile community of people like you who support each other when help is needed and share advice based on their lived experiences.

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Talk about a pivot!
@stephenmarklevi agreed. Wasn't this an idea capturing app before?
@stephenmarklevi this is actually a new company who purchased the domain name from the old company. I think they just really liked the name.
Glad to see you launch, this looks like a great tool.

at this point im happy so not much too say but thanks team thank you from toofly2


cool nice too see the futcher in my hands but for how long well this be the latest futcher of all visions


stay up to date with all of the newset things maybe even www.tor.com and ofcorse android is a new must they are the jems of this web

Shame. This used to be a great app without a lot of meaningful competition. Now it’s just another thing on the mix.
Such a great idea to make it quick and easy (and far less intimidating) for folks to ask for help or gain information for themselves or friends. Keep it up!