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Personal brain trainer for iPhone

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Last minute, key change.

This app was my one of my most used last year. At some point I opened it more regularly than Instagram. That I only had to put like 10 minutes of my time every single day, was so compelling, I just couldn't stop. This reminds me of a story about Dave Brailsford, the cycling coach obsessed with the idea of marginal gains: improve every little thing by just one percent, and extraordinary results won't let you wait too long. Elevate is just about that: small effort, small improvement, accumulated into something absolutely amazing.

English is not my mother tongue, and Elevate has provided me with both a brain training routine and, as an extra, some good samples of everyday English phrases and words I either didn't know I need in my life or had used wrong in the past. Same with basic arithmetics: I had no doubt I could do this, but it hit me hard how slow I could actually do it in the beginning. And it's just an app, I mean, it's crazy: you open it, you use it, and you get faster at mental calculation, more eloquent in speech, and able to recognize patterns where just a couple weeks ago you couldn't see anything.

My favorite exercise is Processing, it's a speed-reading exercise. I remember starting at about 160 words per minute and consistently trying to beat it (because that's what the app is all about). Now, according to the app, I am able to consume a stream of text at a speed of 340 words per minute, while retaining almost everything. This works. I no longer spend three minutes reading a "3 min read", it takes me way less. I combine it with other tools and techniques, but the very first step towards eliminating subvocation was here, in the Elevate app. It changed my life.


Useful and would especially be appreciated by those who value marginal gains. And it's beautifully made!



Crypto Product Owner

Good UI, nice gamification design. Though Premium is required for maximum enjoyment




The price for the Premium pack could be cheaper ...

Curious Explorer

One of the apps I would recommend to everyone :)


Amazing Design, Fun and Useful Exercises,


Cost of yearly subscription