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Advanced drag & drop live page builder for WordPress.


Elementor is the most advanced FREE page builder for WordPress, which introduces a whole new visual way to design your WordPress website.

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I am a web designer i used many page builder for my clients project + marketplace theme. but no one better than Elementor. It's super easy and fun also very easy to extend it's widget.


Best Page Builder ever for WordPress




Some advanced design features are very difficult to find for an inexperienced user. But this is a problem for all the page builders in the market and it seems that Elementor is dealing with the problem in an excellent way.


Speed, Functionality, Flexibility, and Innovation = Elementor


Very little

Domains, hosting and website management

I love Elementor Pro and consider it to be the best WordPress website builder by far. When used together with the PODs Framework, Elementor can do anything.


Unlimited capabilities when used properly


Limited capabilities and need for additional plugins for novice users

Elementor Facebook & HTML Support

Best Wordpress Builder


Best Wordpress Builder to date



Founder of alifeofmagicmoments.com

Simple and easy to use.


The best tool for WP to build a website.


Sometimes, the Mobile view is not the actual view for the website you are working at.

You can design an new theme from a to z just with elementor.


Easy to use and very very customizable


Have to deal with the responsiveness sometimes.

WordPress Expert & Digital Marketer
@elementor Best Page Builder plugin for WordPress ever used. Very fast and responsive. Highly recommended.
just a writer
I've tried different visual page builders, and I have to say that Elementor is the best in all aspects. Sure, you have to get your head around all the features, widgets and functions to get the best out of it, but case by case you gradually learn to use everything to your advantage, and the result is amazing. I truly enjoy working building landing pages for my blog and for my friends' events with Elementor - it simply makes website building a truly enjoyable process.
I'm using Elementor for literally everything I build. Whether it's a website for my virtual summits, a website I'm building for a customer or just a fun side-project - Elementor is my go-to solution. The free version is great already and more than enough for building a nice website. But Elementor Pro knocks it out of the park. Just having the option to define global elements (e.g. for Call to Action buttons) and re-use them across the website saves me tons of time. Not to mention their beautiful pre-built templates, the feature to define your own templates, having various headers and footers per page or post, their built-in tool to search & replace URLs (essential when migrating), ... the list goes on. Long story short, I highly recommend Elementor and don't see myself building websites without it.
User of Elementor.
What will the future of Elementor look like after team Wordpress Relesae their Full SIte Editing version?