Electron 1.0

Build cross platform desktop apps

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Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Lots of updates here which you can read in their blog announcement

A few things:
The release of Electron API Demos which contains code snippets to help you get your app started and tips on effectively using the Electron APIs.
The release of Devtron, an open-source extension to the Chrome Developer Tools designed to help you inspect, debug, and troubleshoot your Electron app.
A new release of Spectron - the integration testing framework for Electron apps.

The intro video:
Leon Crutchley — Co-Founder at 8TV
@bentossell feels like Desktop apps making big comeback with Whatsapp, Telegram etc. But this could be huge for AV companies. I used to work in one and the amount of effort building/managing all the web and desktop apps was huge, leading to insanely slow release cycles!
Olivier El Mekki — maker
Electron probably played a big part in the renewal of desktop apps, in the late. It's the react-native of desktop: use web tech, build desktop apps. Extremely powerful and versatile project.
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