Have a fully operational back end, in less than an hour.

Elebase is a back end as a service with geospatial capabilities.
Elebase's fully managed platform provides a powerful API and a rich set of tools to help you build more elegant applications faster and more efficiently.
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Is the pricing supposed to be $10 per MB? Or GB? TB?
@acupajoe Pricing has been updated now. $.050 per MB -- but this is only for your specific data. You aren't charged for the size of indices or any ancillary database volume.
Elebase is the ideal platform for apps and projects that need to fuse location and geographical data with other kinds of information such as dates, times, text, images, and video.
Vineet SinhaProduct | Design | Films
Always happy to see dashboard first backend builders! Nice.
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Back End as a Service
Headless Content Management System
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Mohsen ShojaSoftware guy
A nice video demo that demonstrates a clean product, but when I tried to test it I was lost in the dashboard. It was nice to have a walk-through in the panel. Also some terms can be introduced in the walk-through. For example many people are familiar with model, table, item ... terms instead of type, element, ... in your panel (if I've got them right)
@jusef thanks for the feedback!
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