Bot that helps you complete your lease agreement

ChatBot powered by artificial intelligence to help you create, review and sign your lease agreement.

  • Connor Cirillo
    Connor CirilloBuilding bots @ HubSpot

    Great use case.


    What prompted you to make the bot female?

    Giving bots personality is good. But I'm not a fan of assigning gender to a bot unless it really makes sense (female =/= assistant). Just my $.02, think there's a lot of cool room in the renting/buying + bots space.

  • Anatoly Marin
    Anatoly MarinCo-founder @ Icon8

    Saves time for many people


    needs more workflows

    awesome to have more and more problems solved via chatbots

Hey everyone! I’m working in Real Estate Business and meet a lot of realtors. I have seen them doing things they are not suppose to do in 21 century!!! I was shocked to see how many people are doing Lease Agreements with handwriting or using inconvenient services. That is why I came up with idea and really excited to launch service for Realtors and regular homeowners. It is our first product we created together and we really believe it should help people stop having headache with making paperwork during renting place and preparing Lease Agreement! Thanks @chrismessina for hunting! Let eLeaseBot make it simple, safe and quick! P.S. Currently eLeaseBot is working only with one Lease Agreement format, future plan is to add more formats, make different Agreements for every State with Residential Landlord and Tenant Acts and many many more! We just launched and I see a lot of ways to develop this service to help Real Estate Business, not only with Leases.
Thanks @sergey_drobyshevsky! We are planning to add more functions and documents to our service. So many ideas!
Thanks @anatoly_marin! We would appreciate your thoughts about workflows and fresh look! Your comments are always welcomed and valuable for us.
Hey Connor @connorcirillo, thank you for your interest to our product! The idea to give a female name came by itself at the early stage. When we started working on the project we used to call it Liza, because of Lease. But we all know there was one Liza in 1983 from Steve Jobs :) So playing with words, Electronic, Lease and Bot, we name it eLeaseBot but prefer to call it eLizabeth internally :)
Hey @antonina_brodovich, thank you! Who knows maybe soon we will see emojis in legislation :) What you think @goldman_artem