Elastic Man

A strangely satisfying distraction in your browser


Elastic Man is a wacky toy in your browser. Pull, push, poke, and stretch Elastic Man's face for your own amusement.

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Creative Coder from New Mexico

But seriously, it's great for wasting 5 minutes at the office. You won't regret it.


More fun than a box of Meeseeks.


Aww geez Rick, I don't really like people tugging on my face like that. It kinda hurts, you know? It hurts real bad.

Different characters to choose from. Bodies, not just the head.


Sound effects. Funny.


What's to dislike?


Is a real great example how computer and make materials move and look so lively and allows you to play with it and lets you see how the computer generates all sides of the elastic material. The sound effects are matched so well to were it makes you cringe and laugh at it i love the little game and i recommend everyone to check it out


Wacky,funny and is so simple but so fun to play with at the same time


Not a thing

i like pink
if you would let me use it on a computer!!!!!!!!!!!!