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Hey, Juanjo here, founder of Eighty. I would love to hear your feedback on the app. And to have a bit of fun, we have prepared a little travel game for hunters today: Where in the world is Glasshole Kitty? :) http://www.eightyapp.com/product...
@juanjojro Hey Juanjo, this looks cool! Definitely something in this idea, although hard to tell how much I'd use it until getting my hands on it. I'll ask the question that many are thinking, any plans for Android?
@fredrivett Android will definitely come soon; and hopefully we will be able to integrate any feedback we get from the iOS version.
Looks very similar to Hopper, which I love
@_jacksmith Hopper is great; our approach is different though. Eighty tracks not only flights but also hotels. And, crucially, it does so for the specific dates you set up. We think the approach of just finding the cheapest option is too random, because the likelihood you can actually travel on those dates is low. Most of us can't just take a vacation without quite a bit of planning. So in Eighty, you set up the dates when you know you want to travel, then sit back and have the app find the best options for you. You can check multiple destinations at once, both flights and hotels (which are filtered with TripAdvisor ratings), see price evolution everyday, and get an alert when prices change.
@juanjojro Hopper also lets you specify the date of travel fyi and can check multiple destinations at once. it just cannot do hotels.
Nice, this is like a combination between TripRebel and HitList. @juanjojro what I'm looking for is an app that can give me great suggestions just based on timeframe and area. So I want to go to Asia, somewhere in November: give me awesome suggestions ;)
@bramk Interesting! With Eighty, you can get suggestions based on area (say, Asia), and swipe, Tinder-style, to store them to your wishlist. Then you "activate" them to find hotels and flights. The place/moment combo is a cool idea; we'll think about it!
@juanjojro :) cool! Yeah only thing I want to say = "Somewhere sunny in November" - then add some characteristics like budget/couple-alone-family/style of holiday (citytrip etc) and then GO!
@bramk Try the "+" button on the Collections section of the app. You can actually do something pretty close :)
@juanjojro Ok cool, going to try it out! :)
@juanjojro I am playing with the app now. A few thoughts. Love the sign-in process and the app itself is beautiful. I am excited to swipe left and right for my lists...but there is one problem. I've traveled a TON. I want to be able to say that I like places (e.g. the first place shown is Amsterdam - love Amsterdam), but I do not want to add every place that I like to my wishlist. It will be too noisey. But I am guessing it is valuable for you to start to collect what people like. The data would be so awesome! But now I am forced with wishlist or not. And I am going to have to swipe to the left for a lot of great places to create a manageable wishlist. I still like the app and added it to my travel collection. http://www.producthunt.com/corle...
@corleyh Thanks for the feedback! I see your point: liking something and wanting to go somewhere are different things. Right now, the app tries to capture where you want to travel, not the places you know and love (although that's a nice feature too). If you are a heavy user, you end up with a long wishlist. We kind of wanted to encourage this behaviour: "dream on, there are so many places out there". The Trips section would be where you just add the places you really want to visit in the near future.
@juanjojro OK. Bring it on. I am going to see how far I have to go to exhaust your current lists. This should be fun. :-)
@corleyh I wouldn't bet against you, after seeing the level of detailsof the posts on your blog! :)
Added to both, my air and hotel search/booking collections: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja... http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...