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@rrhoover I'm one of the creators. Along with Lorne Lantz. We created this because messing around with event tracking in google analytics is just something that most ecommerce shop owners can't be bothered with. We want every ecommerce owner to identify exactly what the most powerful/revenue driving backlinks into their ecommerce stores.
Looks interesting @datarade. Revenue attribution is super valuable and most e-commerce store owners I know don't really have that insight even though they theoretically could get at it. Google Analytics is hard to set up and integrate and there are a ton of ways to screw it up, been there done that at @blossom_io. Can you explain a bit how analyzing backlinks works and what e-commerce store owners can get out of it? Any way we can help?
@blossom_io @__tosh Well just like physical stores, you want to know how your customers found you. Backlinks are referral links into your site. As an ecommerce owner, you need a simple way to know which marketing efforts to double down your efforts. Being told you're making money from twitter, facebook, or random sites is just too vague. You have to know exactly which URL the traffic is coming from. Extracting the full referral URL and attributing revenue to it is difficult.
@datarade Reminds me of the revenue insights we got from KISSmetrics. A few months ago only a tiny fraction of our overall traffic at @blossom_io came from Quora but it turned out that it was one of our main revenue drivers. Being able to attribute revenue to traffic source (and there down to the specific URL) is super valuable for growth hacking efforts & for knowing where to double down and what situations to re-create.
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this is really awesome guys, I'm installing it now :)!
@desisaran Thanks. What's your ecommerce store?
Hi @datarade so I installed it, are there any settings in the app I need to configure? When I click on the app it takes me to referral link and nothing shows up. Does it need some time to read the data coming in over the next few days?
@desisaran That's correct. Thanks for the kind words. It needs 24 hours. It refreshes every 24 hours. :)