Page Building Toolkit for the Gutenberg Block Editor.

Set of tools and block options built exclusively to help you build content easily; and improve your workflow for the new WordPress Gutenberg block editor.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Everyone! Got a few request for live demo to test drive EditorsKit. I've just created one https://editorskitdemo.kinsta.cl... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank you very much for the upvotes and feedback! Cheers, Jeffrey
@phpbits Looks awesome Jeffrey! Your stuff never disappoints.
@brianleejackson Thanks a lot Brian! Can't for you to try it out.
I like the way the plugin integrates seamlessly with the WordPress editing experience
@binarymoon Thanks a lot for the review! I'm really glad that you like the way I've integrate the features on the editor :)
Very useful features and the integration in Gutenberg is top! Keep up the good work, well done. I can highly recommend EditorsKit.
@galli_web Thank you very much for your recommendation! I'm really glad that you are loving the plugin features. More on the way ;)
Great work Jeffrey, this is the kind of plugin which may stop me from adding the "Classic Editor" plugin to new sites.
@craigcpaterson This is really great news Craig! I'm glad that EditorsKit can fill the gaps between Classic Editor and Gutenberg. This will encourage more user to start writing using the new block editor.
This is the work of genius. I cannot believe how easy it was to export and import a JSON file, will save me a ton of time! Thank you for making this! It's now one of the first plugins I will use on new builds!!!!!
@lyrwp Thank you so much Ben! I'm really glad that you've found EditorsKit and loving the Drag & Drop Import and Export. I'm saving a lot of time with this feature too :) Glad to be of help. Thanks again for the support.