Edit Mode

Update website texts in real-time and get a sharable link.

Edit Mode is an extension for Google Chrome that makes your website texts editable. When you finish your edit you get a link to share your edition for anyone.
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👋 Hi Product Hunt! I'm Abraão, a Brazilian who dreams to use creation of products to change my reality. This is my first launch on Product Hunt and represents a great oportunity for me, so I'm really anxious. 💡 Idea: This idea came up when I was a front-end in a brazilian company and used to create and mantain pages for marketing campaigns. Often I had to make text updates in some pages. One day I talked to the girl who demanded me this tasks: - "Hey, the next time you have any text update, call me". The moment came up and she called me. And I injected some script in her browser that made the whole page editable: - "Wooow this is great" she said. She loved it. So she started to call me often to do the same. That was when I noticed this could be a product. 🎁 Features: - Edit texts on the fly - Pause editable mode anytime - Storage for all your editions made 💲🚀 Product Hunt launch promo: Use "phlaunch" to get 40% off! ❤ I made this with much love, so let me know what you think! 🙏
I've tried it just now, it's real easy and fun to edit and share! Keep on the good work.
@branimir_hrzenjak thank you so much! 🙏
very cool! I've just shared it with my coworkers, thank you
@raffasquer You are welcome!