Edit turns any website editable in a single click. Save hours and dozens of back-and-forth emails with your designers and developers when asking for small changes just to test things out.
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What's better than document.designMode = "on" || "off"? However, there are a lot of free tools, your price is too much. I hope you have a big plan, good luck!
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@dobrinov this is a rip off. Charging 15$ for document.designMode="on"; lol
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@malekbenhalima #1 Product of the Day. πŸ™‚
@dobrinov hahahaha there is people around the globe that does not know how Chrome Console or inspector works, or just love how this product is done and works. You could always hack your own thing and not pay for a tool that speed things up and makes your life easier
@dobrinov Thank you for your feedback, Kirill. Edit is packed with a bunch of features that make editing a site intuitive and fun. I think leaving a negative review without having even tried the product first might not be the best of options out there but I thank you for your feedback and will work hard to make Edit better and better with every new version.
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Hi again Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ Today I want to share with all of you a side project I've had neglected for long but that I managed to finish and ship while quarantined. Edit is a Chrome extension that allows you to edit any website in a single click. It's very useful for marketers, copywriters and digital professionals in general because it allows to try and test quick changes on the content of a website in the easiest and simplest of ways, without the need for any designer of developer. You don't need any programming knowledge whatsoever either. It feels *really* empowering! It's aimed to mock up and illustrate potential changes to a website, rather than making permanent modifications, (in fact, Edit *does not save your changes*, it's just used as a mock up tool and to preview changes) – and that's extremely powerful to present clients with different versions with unmatched speed or to show your marketing/design/dev teams the exact changes you need, rather than telling them with words and losing hours and hours in back and forth emails. I've been sharing the whole process of creating this product live on Twitter https://twitter.com/rameerez/sta... Feedback from beta users has been super positive so far, and I'm really excited to share this with you today. Please let me know any thought – looking forward to reading all your feedback! And just because you're a user of Product Hunt and I freaking love this community, here's a 20% OFF link with discount code PRODUCTHUNT to celebrate this launch (it will only work for a couple of days so hurry up!) πŸ‘‰ https://goedit.me/?discount=PHLA... πŸ‘‰ PRODUCT PRICING βœ… Edit is just $15, one time purchase, forever. βœ… No hidden fees or subscriptions in which you end up paying a lot more than the $15 single-time payment. βœ… The $15 license comes with a full year of updates and support. βœ… After that year is over, you can optionally choose to renew your license for another year of updates and support. βœ… Or you can choose not to renew your license and keep using Edit forever, as long as you want, without having to pay again. No pressure. πŸ‘‰ PRODUCT FEATURES Here are some of the features Edit includes. βœ… Edit essentially allows to turn any website editable in a single click. It works on any website, here's an example of an edit of Slack's website βœ… Edit does not just implements DesignMode or limits its functionality to such a thing. In fact, Edit's goal is to make editing websites as intuitive, simple, easy and fun as possible, and to achieve that, Edit comes packed with a bunch of useful features. βœ… Drag and drop images. You can replace any image or background image in a website just by dragging and dropping it from any folder βœ… Avoid accidentally losing your work. Edit implements mechanisms to prevent you from leaving the page if Edit mode is active and you've made changes to the current website. Edit will require you to confirm to leave the current page if you accidentally click the close button or navigate to a different page. βœ… Links are disabled while in Edit mode. When Edit mode is active, Edit will make sure you don't accidentally click on a link that brings you out of the current page thus making you lose your work. βœ… Modify font style. Click on any element and change its font, try different fonts and play with any font included in Google Fonts! βœ… No-code approach. Simple, visual editor. You won't see or use a single line of code while using Edit. Just click the start editing button and the whole page will have a user-friendly interface to start playing around with it βœ… Delete elements altogether. You can even modify great parts of a website by removing elements that you don't like. The whole page will readapt itself to reflect the changes. βœ… Revert changes. If you don't like how a certain edit turned out, you can always revert it to its original state! Edit saves the original state of a website so you can always revert any changes to any element – or you can open a new tab, load the same page and restart again βœ… Make fun stuff. You can also edit tweets, news and almost anything! Please be ethical and respectful when doing this, we already have enough fake news in this world! Edit is intended as a work tool and not as a toy to generate fake content. βœ… Completely responsive result. The resulting edit will be as responsive as the original website was, so you can show how the edited website would look both in desktop and in mobile! βœ… Users already love Edit. Go to Edit's website to check out some of the feedback users have already written about Edit so far! βœ… Edit has been in beta for some time and some dozens of users have already used Edit for their professional and personal endeavors, so the final product I'm launching today is well tried and tested! πŸš€ All in all, Edit combines a bunch of tools and techniques together that result in making changes to websites a breeze! Excited to hear all your feedback and see what you make with Edit! πŸ™Œ
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@rameerez Thanks for the detailed explanaition in this. You sold me on the images, remove items and twitter usecase. Will have some fun in the upcoming weeks :D
@rameerez Great! What new features do you plan to build? Do you an open roadmap?
@yesnoornext Thanks Vincent! Next on the roadmap is to add a feature to save / share your edits, so you can share them with whomever to want and use them for other purposes!
@jcllobet Thanks Jan! Glad you like it!! Please let me know any feedback :)
@rameerez great! Congrats with the launch! Is there an option to export the result and/or apply it to the website if I have access to admin? Wordpress, for example.
Congrats on the launch, Javi! Nice work πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
@leandro8209 Thank you Leandro! πŸš€
Nice, works like a charm ✨
@andreyazimov Thanks Andrey πŸ™Œ
Gongrats Javi, product looks fun Γ‘nd useful πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
@marcelhagedoorn Thank you Marcel!!