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Welcome to unparalleled speed, no ads, reduced spam, all email accounts in one inbox, bulk delete, a support ninja that responds quickly, and notification settings that you can configure the way you want. Although with us, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Be aware that this company read all your emails, attachements and contacts, save in their servers and sell the information that collect. You can't opt-out of this bad behavior. Your information is available to buy at https://trends.edison.tech/. Very bad behavior. I did realize this because started to see my emails marked as read as soon as I open the App. Take a time to read their privacy policy: https://www.edison.tech/privacy.... Do not use them. Very deceptive way of doing business. I do not mind to pay to use it, but, I really do mind to see my emails read without reading it myself.
@ssjunior Incorrect!! Edison Mail has always let you opt out from the beginning!! Even mentions it in their app store copy.
@spicycarot Thanks for the answer, but, this is not True. Here is the proof: https://d.pr/i/UHZMvS. See for yourself. To opt out you should delete your account. If this is a bug, Edison should correct it. The truth is that will be forced to stop using it to 'opt out'. If you opt out from collection practice you cannot use Edison anymore and your account will be disabled. In my iPhone as soon as I did follow the instructions my accounts were disconnected and this was reflected in my iPad too. There's no option to 'Opt out', only to delete account. Here a screenshot to prove it: https://d.pr/i/UHZMvS I don't mind to pay, but, I really see this kind of behaviour problematic. The instruction in FAQ does not reflect what we can find in the app. Where is the 'opt out' option that allows the continued use 'without degradation'? Just to make it clear, I think that Edison should deserve be paid for their work, but, what about charging for it instead of getting data from it? I did notice of this data collection after seeing my emails opened without reading it. I will glad pay for Edison Mail because I think it is a great product. 👍