Eddy Travels for Slack

Flight search for teams in Slack


Eddy Travels is a virtual travel assistant for teams in Slack.

Forget emails or going through dozens of travel sites - just type and search for the best flight and hotel deals right in Slack and plan your trips easily together.

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12 Reviews5.0/5

Love to travel, but feel hesitant to ask for so many changes with our admin support.


Eddy Travels for Slack saves me so much time going back and forth with our travel admin support as I make constant changes to my trip plans.


The bot works well already, but I bet the next version will be even better.

Thank you for the review Sunil! We will work to automate and improve the travel booking process in Slack for you and travel administrators.

I've been using ET since the early alpha and it's amazing. It understands both regular language and slang allowing you to chat naturally.


50 tests – 0 bad attempts to find a flight or place to stay.


Couldn't find

Thanks a lot for a lovely review Max!

Quite useful to have flights without leaving my messaging app, this also enhances focus.


Saves time (a lot of time)


Takes time to get used to it

Thanks for feedback Kostas! We will add more features soon to make transition easier

Saves me a lot of time and energy, probably even money. Love it.


I was about hiring a personal/virtual assistant for these kind of tasks and now I found Eddy Travel which finds me almost anything I need


As most bots lacks a bit of intelligence to understand natural language, but Eddy Travels is more intelligent as most of the bots

Thank you for the review Antanas! We have a big update coming up which should significantly improve the NLP part