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Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its profits to planting trees.

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The idea is good, but I doesn't feel worth it


Makes you feel better


You're still being tracked by Google for a few trees a year

Product @ Mercado Pago
By Bing (microsoft) not google. :)
Growth Hacker

They are really transparent with they budget too.


Plant more trees in poor countries and deserts from home by searching


It's powered by bing instead of google ... no stock searching, worse results, no quick google translate and everything you can imagine.

Pour something good

Love the transparency regarding financials on their website


easy to integrate into your daily life


limited image search results

Pros: After roughly 25 searches a tree is planted, the company is transparent about how they spend their money and they are a negative CO2 company which is hard to achieve due to many companies wanting to use fossil fuels. Cons: Ecosia uses bing as the search engine which isn't as good as google when it comes to certain things like other than video searches. I've used Ecosia for a long time and have been able to plant many trees and further the publics understanding of their "footprint" while living on Earth.