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If you have customers or employees in Europe and you have their personal data, this is the product you need. We offer a one-click reporting tool that easily can be submitted to authorities. It saves time, money, and the reputation of your organization. The deadline to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is 25th May 2018.


  • Neil NapierKVSocial CEO

    Removes a lot of hassle, good for a busy management team, Aazar is forthcoming with help


    Could be more automated and pre-fill fields (work in progress!)

    I like this app - very easy to use and actually makes me WANT to get compliant faster. They have made form-filling kind of fun (well, till you get to the last form!) This gives me the peace of mind.

    Neil Napier has used this product for one week.
  • Ramon MininoArk Media Company

    Simple, Easy to Use, Simple bite size tasks that will get you in compliance in no time. - Facebook group with consultants, experts to access


    Its GDPR - but no way around that.

    Picked it up for my SaaS Directory. Cant wait until I get around to playing with this more. I used it for a bit and got pretty far in the compliance list. So its very easy to use.

    Ramon Minino has used this product for one day.


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Aazar Ali ShadMaker@aazar_ali_shad · GDPR Compliance Automation
Hi Everyone, Thanks @gertjanwilde for hunting us. Aazar here from A true believer of data protection and here to help companies ensure exactly that! This passion for data protection did not develop in my overnight. It was a slow progression of many events starting a few years ago when I... a young inexperienced worker in sales, was unknowingly selling a software to companies with which they could with exact precision pinpoint the location of the sales representative, without their consent. This guilt is what has made me so passionate about data privacy. In the past few years, so many other incidents of gross violations of data privacy have come to light: just think of the recent Cambridge Analytica fiasco. A lot of these stem from a carelessness with which companies handle data of their consumers, employees, and subsidiaries. Companies need to do better and hold themselves to a higher standard of our data protection! Thankfully, there is a European law called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that is going to be enforced from 25th May 2018 with up to €20 million fines if companies do not comply with this law. Only 37 days left to be GDPR compliant. So today together with my team, we are launching a software called What can you do with it as a company? -Save fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual global revenue (whichever is higher) -Follow the step-by-step DIY guidances with the tool -Eradicate the need to hire externals -Stop juggling with tonnes of Excel sheets and word documents - Save you 150 hours of work - We have the templates, policies, documents, and guidance that you need to be GDPR compliant in the software - We are your all-in-one GDPR tool that you need We also have a nice treat for the Product Hunt community: Whoever signs up today, will automatically qualify for a 20% lifetime discount. We have a 14-day free trial period as well. My team and I will be here to answer all your questions. We're looking for the community's feedback. Here’s the reason why one of our customers (combyne) trusts us: Hope we can welcome you onboard to help you with the GDPR compliance!
Jeroen Corthout ☕@jeroen_corthout · Co-Founder Salesflare
@gertjanwilde @aazar_ali_shad Thank you both for showing everybody the way with GDPR guys! You're doing awesome work 😍
Aazar Ali ShadMaker@aazar_ali_shad · GDPR Compliance Automation
@jeroen_corthout you were the early customer. You believed in us. So, thank you :)
Nicolai R. Nielsen@nrnielsen · UX / Cofounder, CV Partner
@aazar_ali_shad FYI: Cool that you are creating this tool, but loading the third party intercom chat / analytics tool before my cookie consent is probably not a good idea if you want my trust as a compliant GDPR tool.
Aazar Ali ShadMaker@aazar_ali_shad · GDPR Compliance Automation
@nrnielsen Actually, i thought we provide cookies first. Thanks for the feedback, i'll check with my team here.
Jeremy Crisp@jezzacrisp · Founder
Big WELL DONE Team eComply on your GDPR Product! Looks excellent! 👏🏼🎉
Tomer Aharon@tomer_aharon · Co-Founder of Poptin
This is probably the best DYI GDPR tool put there. Helped us ( a lot with GDPR compliance. The interface is great and so easy to use. Well done guys!
Vikas JhaPro@get2vikasjha · Digital Entrepreneur & Ex- VC
More than Product, its @Aazar_ali_shad who makes the difference. Always reachable and around to help.
Aazar Ali ShadMaker@aazar_ali_shad · GDPR Compliance Automation
@get2vikasjha Thanks Vikas, hope to make GDPR compliant! :)
Vijay Khandekar@vijay_1989 · Growth &
We have 2 SaaS product ( & serving customers in the European market, and we know how tough and time consuming it is for a small team like ours. Glad to see this solution. Knowing @aazar_ali_shad and his knowledge of the topic (GDPR); I'm sure it will make life easier for a lot of tech startups.
Aazar Ali ShadMaker@aazar_ali_shad · GDPR Compliance Automation
@vijay_1989 thanks Vijay. This product is for every company around the globe. Specially, we have a list that can help your startups. Thanks for the review:)