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#5 Product of the DayDecember 15, 2016
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Levent Aşkan
Levent AşkanMaker@leventask
Hey everyone, Yes, it’s again a stack! This is not the first stack that you are going to see and probably it’s not the last one. :) Ecommerce Stack is a side project of Prisync - a competitor price tracking tool for e-commerce companies - aiming to share everything related to e-commerce. When we are searching for a stack to find tools to use in e-commerce ecosystem, we couldn’t find a massive one. So we try to build it. In this stack, there are close to 500 posts which includes tools, podcasts, blogs, events and even influencers. We believe it’s a great source for everyone involved in e-commerce. And also it can be a meaningful gift for the ones who are new in this area. By the way, we may miss some tools or blogs, so don’t forget to submit them. Thanks a lot!
Ivan Lucansky
Ivan Lucansky@ivanlucansky · Marketing
Hi @leventask It’s a nice job no matter how many stacks there are or will be. I think what matters most is how you take care of the stacks and the frequency in which you update them. There’s no doubt that the community will appreciate up to date stacks. Glad to see that Mailytics is there. Cheers! :)
Piotr Kulpiński
Piotr Kulpiński@piotrkulpinski · Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
Hi Levent! The resources look really helpful! I'll definitely check most of them in my next e-commerce project. Also, thank you for using Chipmunk Theme! 🤘
Levent Aşkan
Levent AşkanMaker@leventask
@piotrkulpinski Hi Piotr! Thanks for your opinions. Also Chipmunk is a great theme. Love it. ;)
Mike Averto
Mike Averto@mjaverto · CEO, ChannelApe
Hey Levent, this is great. May I suggest one more category of software? Multichannel management? I just submitted one of my products for inventory management but it is really more Multichannel management.
Levent Aşkan
Levent AşkanMaker@leventask
@mjaverto Hi Mike, we are going to add multichannel management too. I think it will be updated next week.
Mark Lindquist
Mark Lindquist@markaulayculkin · COO
This is awesome, great work. You might want to consider building this out with resources on how to use these tools/platforms. For example, there's a few really great beginner's guides to Wordpress that you could link to under the Wordpress card. Good way to connect with influencers and get them to help you promote it, too :)
Levent Aşkan
Levent AşkanMaker@leventask
@markaulayculkin I really like the idea Mark. We are going to consider it.
Vinay@ivinay · Digital Strategist
Perfect compilation for e-commerce tools and resources! May I suggest adding @zargethq under Website Optimization category? 😀
Levent Aşkan
Levent AşkanMaker@leventask
@ivinay @zargethq Of course Vinay. We are going to update the site soon.