Don't fly everyone halfway around the world for no reason! is a super-simple tool to use, just like Doodle, which allows conference organizers to pick the most environmentally friendly venue based on where their participants are coming from.
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Very good idea! The projects perfectly corresponds to the modern world with it's internationality and high pace. And mmm... The interface is so user-friendly! Good job guys!
@savvaanto Thank you so much :D
We're participants in the Junction Online Hackathon. We wanted to come up with a super easy to use tool that can be used by conference organizers, who may be unintentionally responsible for a lot of unnecessary CO2 emissions that are fueling the Climate Crisis. We hope that this tool can be picked up and used by conference organizers around the world to help everyone reduce their carbon footprint by flying shorter distances.
Hey community, The most interesting part of our product is probably the scheduling algorithm we use - if you just want to see that in action, we created a sample conference that you can play around with: Enjoy!