Save the forest without getting out of bed.

EcoAlarm is an alarm that reproduces sound using Spotify previously recorded from native endangered Argentine forests. Each time a track from our album is played, you’re generating royalties for the Fundación Banco de Bosques.

That means that when you wake up listening to nature, you’re helping to protect her, all without getting out of bed.

Download EcoAlarm to help save the forest.

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Thanks for hunting @ferminrp how did you stumble upon this? This is such an innovative way to save the environment, love it.
@abadesi browsing for NGOs to support in Argentina I got to their website : ) They also let you donate money to save a specific parcel of land and they send you the coordenates of the portion you saved.
@ferminrp That's amazing 🌳
@ferminrp @abadesi while very different, this reminds me of Forest. 😊
@rrhoover does forest donate money too?