Host poker nights without chips or playing cards

EasyPoker is the digital substitute for the traditional silver case poker set. Have your next “poker night” with friends on the beach, the bar, around the campfire, out traveling etc. No poker chips or playing cards needed.
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Hey Hunters! My name is Tobias and I’m one of the (danish 🇩🇰) founders of the EasyPoker app 🐱‍🚀 EasyPoker is not about gambling. We’re about the social experience of poker with friends. Instead of selling chips and in-game currency our app is based on a subscription business model, giving access to extra features and bigger tables. The last couple of months we have added capability and better features for remote poker as well, making sure players can keep hosting corona-friendly poker nights during the pandemic. We're all looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback, and happy to answer any questions.
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@tobias_eberhard good job. Seems like an amazing implementation.
@tobias_eberhard Hey Congratulations Tobias for EasyPoker. During the lockdowns we have used a couple of Poker apps to play poker with friends. We do not like the rake model so diddn't opt for PPPoker we found out another one : Pokerrrr2. We were happy initially but later on we observed hight action, bad beats, non-probablistic randomisation etc. It seems all Poker platforms start playing with algos to make the platform more fun and the real Poker is a loser in all this. I hope EasyPoker doesn't go on that route. All the best, will try out Easy Poker
Really great idea, will try it out with my guys next time, but it has definetly a different feeling, then playing with chips & real cards.
@vladimirkusnezo Great to hear! We've tried to mimic the 'real' experience as much as possible. The app is meant for situations when you don't have cards and chips with you. At the bar, around the campfire - anytime, anywhere. Thanks! :)
Seems fun, really like the idea. Ideal for people who don't want to schedule a Pokerstars home game for example. I'll keep this in mind for the next time I'm hanging with friends.
@hans_dekker Exactly! Please do - we'd love to hear your thoughts on the experience. Thanks.
Will try this out for sure!
@sanjana1 Awesome! Love it!
As a poker fan i love the idea. Great idea! I can't wait to try it!
@mybutler As a poker fan, we really value your support. Give the app a spin - and let us know what you think! Thanks!